Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yes, to rock out is a very good thing

Hello my darlings, I have returned! We finally got the internet at home, though I daresay we can't really afford it.

Speaking of home, this apartment is the best place ever. It's actually home, not just the place I sleep or the place I visit three times a year or the place I try to avoid my parents. I look forward to coming back after work and I'm loath to leave in the morning. Admittedly, though, that's because I am horrible at waking up. I generally sleep through 4 alarms and S doing her darndest to get my ass off the futon mattress on the floor that is my bed. Regardless, though, I love this place.

We couldn't have found it at a better time. My parents are in the middle of a divorce. Dad moved out about a month before I did. As weird and stressful and hurtful as the situation is to me now, it was tenfold when I was living in that house. My parents have divorced each other before, so they know how to bull-face lie just to stir up trouble on the other persons' end. And the battleground (or so it sometimes seemed) was located right on the tippy top of my head. A crushing force, to be sure. But better I than my little sister, who, by some miracle has remained somewhat unaffected and unjaded. Los parientes have done a good job of leaving her delicate psyche the hell alone. Mine, on the other hand....Well it isn't delicate anymore.

So huge changes have been, and are, in effect. And despite the negativity of it all, I couldn't be more grateful. They are so so so much better apart. Dick Lucas, in particular is a completely different dude. I have never seen my dad so.....human. And happy. Mom never really changes. Thank goodness, 'cause she wouln't be my mom if she did.

I'm so happy with my little slice of twenty-year-old heaven. Got a little bit of money, a little bit of beer, my best bud, a swank place and cute dog. And a stone-cold crush on my boss.

Next time my baybays, next time.