Friday, February 04, 2005

100 Things About Snoring Daddy, Mommy's perspective.

A couple of days ago I said I was going to do a few posts about my husband in tribute and celebration of our recently passed fifth anniversary.

Here is another installment.

A short while back Amber posted a loving tribute to her husband. And not to copy her or anything but, I’m copying her.

100 Things I know admire and/or love about my husband.

1.He loves me.
2.He loves our children.
3.He’s a wonderful, involved father.
4.He has changed almost as many diapers as I have.
5.He has only missed probably a total of two prenatal doctor’s appointments over the course of my three four pregnancies.
6.He was as devastated and scarred by my miscarriage in some ways as I was.
7.He snores when he sleeps.
8.He sleeps like a rock.
9.He didn’t get up with our first baby ever during the night.
10.He started getting up with our firstborn when I had the second baby.
11.He now handles the oldest two (most of the time) at night if they get up while I always take care of the baby.
12.He hates getting up early.
13.He is a good provider.
14.He worries about making enough to provide for us all comfortably.
15.He loves his parents and sisters.
16.He misses his grandparents who have passed on.
17.He cannot handle talking about death. Any kind of death.
18.He refuses to discuss our future deaths at all.
19.He only goes to funerals to support me. And then he is more affected then I am at times.
20.He adores Disney World.
21. He loves cars.
22.His longest love affair and possession of a car has been his 1971 Buick GS Convertible.
23.He’s good with his hands. He can fix almost anything.
24.He can sell ice to an Eskimo. Literally.
25.He still remembers the first time he closed a sale. He was five years old. It was a toy at a garage sale. The woman was walking away without buying. He stopped her and asked how old her child was. She said three. He assured her “Oh he will love it then, I loved to play with this when I was three.”
26.He loves crime dramas on TV.
27.He likes to watch goofy “insult your intelligence” comedies.
28.He watches every Car or Motorcycle show on TLC and Discovery Channel.
29.He went into mourning with the end of Seinfeld and again at the end of Friends.
3o.He met and had his picture taken with Jesse James at SEMA 2003.
Jesse did not seem amused.
31.He’s a closet chick-flick liker. (yeah you are!)
32.He doesn’t have a “type” of woman. She just has to have curves. Big or little, as long as she isn’t completely flat, he likes her.
33.For some reason he still finds me attractive no matter what shape I am in—in or out of pregnancy.
34.He’s sensitive and not afraid to show me that.
35.He’s supportive—he worries about my emotional well-being.
36.For some reason he is proud of me. Go figure.
37.He loves G.I. Joe. To. This. Day. He still plays with them.
38.He always wants the latest and greatest in home and car electronics.
39.He loves video games.
40.Especially car video games.
41.He has big dreams for his future and the future of his family.
42.He will make those dreams happen.
43.He is my soul-mate. You may not believe in past lives, but I do and I know we have been together many times before.
44.He loves Colorado.
45.He doesn’t want to leave Oklahoma, mostly because he wants to stay close his family.
46.He can move mountains when he sets his mind to it.
47.He could barter almost anyone out of anything. “Would you consider a trade” is his mantra on Ebay.
48.He is a pack rat.
49.He rarely remembers to pick up after himself.
50.His most used phrases include: “I’m working on it.” “In a minute.” And “I’ll get to it.” All while he continues what he is doing.
51.He is addicted to beef jerky.
52.He eats his steaks medium rare. Just pink, no blood.
53.He likes his eggs medium well.
54.He always orders extra lemons when we eat out.
55.The lemons are for his tea, which he will then replace with a refill of Coke.
56.He hates sour cream, ranch dressing, mayonnaise, and anything else “white and creamy.”
57.He always asks for extra butter.
58.And extra Italian dressing.
59.If there is a steak on the menu he will order it.
60.And a baked potato.
61.He pops olives like they are candy.
62.He always has a stash of candy. Preferably, sweet tarts of some kind.
63.His favorite color is blue. The exact shade of his darling GS.
64.He would spend all weekend working on “stuff” in his shop if I would let him.
65.One of those things includes: making a mini motorcycle chopper.
66.He also wants to turn a bicycle into a “low rider” or “chopper”
67.He works in the Car Stereo industry and this is also a major hobby.
68.He spends spare time (when not with us) customizing his GS by fabricating parts to install high end/competition level car stereo equipment in his car.
69.He’s written several articles for an industry trade magazine on his projects
70.He’s gotten several friends’ vehicles into show car and truck magazines.
71.He’s a pretty good cook.
72.He made my birthday cake and iced it himself my first birthday we spent together.
73.He wants a yellow trans am with the screamin’ chicken on the hood.
74.I told him if he ever gets one I will sell it the next day. For one dollar.
75.He is a rusty comedian.
76.He almost got on Saturday Night Live—was told he had potential the year before we married and to bone up on his political humor and apply the next year. We got married instead.
77.He’s as much a sucker for a stray cat or dog as I am.
78.If I left it to him our front yard and back yard would BOTH be white-trashed out.
79.If I left it up to him, he would tell all of our neighbors where to stick it.
80.He loves Metallica.
81.He only got to see them for the first time this past September.
82.He loves hats. PIMPIN hats.
83.He loves rap. But more the old school stuff. Not as much a lot of the newer stuff.
84.He hates the new country songs. He only likes the old stuff. CONVOY!!!
85.He has switched majors numerous times.
86.His majors have included: Drama/theater, Business, Physical Training.
87.He always has to drive.
88.He gets carsick in the passenger seat.
89.His mother thinks he was innocent before me (Oh I’m such a Tramp!)
90.He wants to keep it that way.
91.He reminds me of many of the really great things about my dad. (yes ladies we really do marry our dad’s in some ways)
92.He likes and is fascinated by firearms and other weapons.
93.But he has a healthy fear of them.
94.He is a rabid Oklahoma State University fan.
95.Other than OSU sports he is not a sports fan. He ignores all of it.
96.Yet, he has an extensive collection of baseball and football cards.
97.Once he likes something he will watch it, listen to it, do it until it is run into the ground and then he will do it some more.
98.He is my best friend. We are open and honest about everything.
99.He is my balance and I am his.
100.His children have him wrapped around their little fingers and are capable of turning him into a puddle of goo at the slightest gesture or expression.

Getting to the bottom of it...

Ahem. Do you think anyone got around to telling her? Or did she already know?

Thursday, February 03, 2005


Today has been an extremely LONG day.

The girl has been crying all day long. Nothing has made her happy. Running a temperature. Running nose. Coughing.

The boy was yesterday. Today he was still coughing.

Keep your fingers crossed the baby doesn't get it. He's been the least demanding of the three for the past 48 hours.

Please ignore "read more" because I have nothing to say. I am absolutely brain-dead.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

The Great Manipulator

Today my oldest just wasn't himself. He was mostly quiet except for the persistant coughing and sniffling all day long.

Then he decided he wanted something this afternoon that I wasn't willing to give him. We reached a compromise but he didn't fulfill his end of the bargain so I had to follow through with natural consequences.

Despite the rough day with both he and his sister whining and crying all day long (they took turns I swear!) I was patient and calm throughout all of it.

I was sooooo mommy-zen today.

Nothing was making me bend, nothing was making me blow, so the three year old decided to up the stakes.

And as I loaded the dishwasher and ignored his dramatics he pulled out his trump card.

"M-m-m-mom-m-my," sniff, sniff, tremble, quiver, crocodile tear rolling down the face. "M-m-mommy, you scaring me."

Yeah. Tell me he hasn't figured out the whole manipulation thing.

Push my buttons boy: beep beep boop boop boop beep beep beep beep Caaaaaching!

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The love of my life.

Inspired by various posts, including this one from Christine, I find myself thinking back five years.

Our fifth anniversary passed this weekend. Originally I planned to do several posts dedicated to my husband. I got distracted. But thanks to Christine's lovely post today I remembered.

December 3, 1999

Only the soft light of a single flickering flame illuminated the room. Beside me, he softly stroked my back with a lazy sweep of his arm, causing my flesh to quiver with the rough skim of his slightly callused fingers. His soft, soothing voice drifted over me and my body hummed with the sound of his huskily uttered question. I buried my face deeper in his neck inhaling his musky scent as I savored the simultaneous sensations of both feeling and hearing his heart beating. Overwhelmed by the emotions his voice evoked in me, the tears welled up but I took a deep shaking breath and lifted my head, kissing him softly, tasting the smooth sweep of his lips for a long moment before peering down into his flame-graced features, then I uttered a single word.