Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The love of my life.

Inspired by various posts, including this one from Christine, I find myself thinking back five years.

Our fifth anniversary passed this weekend. Originally I planned to do several posts dedicated to my husband. I got distracted. But thanks to Christine's lovely post today I remembered.

December 3, 1999

Only the soft light of a single flickering flame illuminated the room. Beside me, he softly stroked my back with a lazy sweep of his arm, causing my flesh to quiver with the rough skim of his slightly callused fingers. His soft, soothing voice drifted over me and my body hummed with the sound of his huskily uttered question. I buried my face deeper in his neck inhaling his musky scent as I savored the simultaneous sensations of both feeling and hearing his heart beating. Overwhelmed by the emotions his voice evoked in me, the tears welled up but I took a deep shaking breath and lifted my head, kissing him softly, tasting the smooth sweep of his lips for a long moment before peering down into his flame-graced features, then I uttered a single word.