Monday, January 31, 2005

Oh for crying out loud!

No really.

Mommy Blog Hate has spread to the New York Times.

What is so wrong about writing about yourself? Nothing, right? But apparently if you are a parent everything in the world is wrong with it.

Because I write about my life as a mom I am invading my children's privacy and they will resent me for this. Did you know that? Well thank you David Hochman for writing an article with NO SLANT AT ALL and thus educating me about why mommy blogs are so narcissistic.

I cannot even begin to formulate a coherent post about all the things in this article that irritate the f*ck out of me.

I guess that when my mother told her friends and coworkers about things that happened in my life and her's as a mom she was invading my privacy. Well hell, I think I will promptly start hating her for that, instead of understanding her natural concern and pride as a MOTHER.

Oh, and for heaven's sake, apparently I am not supposed to like reading other mommy blogs either. Okay everyone on my blogroll, if you are a mommy blog raise your hands so I can promptly delete you and stop reading you forever. Because why on earth would I be interested in your lives? Hmm, maybe because I RELATE TO YOU PEOPLE!

Well hit me in the head and call me an idiot, I guess I'm just so self-absorbed that someone better call Child Protective Services right away. HOW DARE I write about my life. And for the love of GOD, if I am going to write about my life I should at least leave out all of the mommy parts.

Oh go piss on yourself you self-righteous know-it-all prigs. Come spend ONE WEEK in my job and see how well you do and what forms of self-preservation you seek. I DARE YOU.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Happy Anniversary to Us!

Five years ago on this day I joined my life to the most wonderful, sweetest, cutest, funniest, most loving man on the face of the earth.

Boy am I lucky girl.

Of course then he sticks his foot in his mouth by bringing up stuff he shouldn't. Tsk tsk tsk.

The man never learns I tell ya.

Friday, January 28, 2005

Baby Boy

My sweet baby boy is three months old today.

He's such a sweet little man with his silly smiles and fully belly laughs.

He's trying to sit up and he loves to stand while I hold him and he bounces on his wobbly little legs.

Now if only he would hurry up and sleep through the night! Or at least only wake up once a night!

Medication and Therapy

So I had a doctor's appointment with my OBGYN today to follow up on my prescription from last Friday.

Then I had a Counselor's appointment.

I am so tired. It's total emotional exhaustion I know but it's a very cathartic feeling at the same time. I could so fall into bed and not wake up for 12 hours or more straight. But alas that will not happen, because I am the mother of very young children.

Onto another thought...

We have found a location for our business! This has been a major obstacle to cross as we try to find something that will accommodate the business, space for our kids to play safely out of the way while we work that was also along a decent traffic route and affordable. We think we found it!


I'm gonna be a business woman, peeps! What an absolute trip, yo.

Thursday, January 27, 2005


One of my little known and hardly ever talked about dreams has been to own a business.

A place to call my own. A place where no one bosses me and I make the decisions. Where I am not merely a peon.

That dream is very close to becoming reality. I will confess, that the dream has always included a bookstore though. My reality does not include that dreamed of bookstore, but rather another kind of shop all together. But what my reality does include is a myriad, nay, verily a labyrinth of details so mind boggling 'tis overwhelming.

My mind is swimming people. It's enough to make a person seriously reconsider what one is getting into. But what is life but for living? For taking chances? For seizing opportunity?

CARPE DIEM! I say, shaking my fist at the heavens.

Okay, well maybe not really.

Perhaps it seems cliche to wax on about seizing the day. But as Snoring Daddy often spouts, "Cliches become cliches because they are true so very often."