Tuesday, December 02, 2008

One last lie

Your sweet Amanadoo is rather pungent lately. I've taken to Chai tea (though I still can't get it right at home...the various coffeehouses do it just right for me) and smoking chives. Add that to the religious zeal I have for my perfume of choice, the baby powder I constantly put in my hair, and it's a pretty smellicious situation. But my friends say they wouldn't have me any other way .

In other news, I am moving!

Cue angels, harps.

S and I found a great place one town over. It's smack in the middle of the various places we go...her boyfriend's house, our respective schools, friends houses, parents, and her work. Which, of course, brings up my biggest concern. I'm moving out this weekend and I don't have a flippin job.

Why don't you just wait Amanadoo?

Well, cause. That's why. See, S is about to get thrown out of her house (crazy parental situation there). And since this is what we've wanted to do since for-freaking-ever, we decided to be ahead of the game and do it now. And if by some freak alligning of the stars I don't get a job soon, we are...well, we're pretty much fucked.

So there's that.

I've found myself in the middle of an envious predicament. Envious if you're anyone but me. Allow me to break down the essentials...

2 boys (well, 1 boy, one man if you wanna get technical)
1 fuckbuddy
1 friend-with-benefits

The fuckbuddy is XBF and it's all fuck and no buddy. Fucktotaldumbass is more like it.
The friends-with-benefits is David and it's all friend and hardly any benefits.

Is there a reason I can't have 1 person that I can be friends with and cuddly with and screw...all at the same time!?!

I mean, really.