Sunday, April 12, 2009

It's so hard to be humble when you're perfect in every way

Mister Mc. told me once that his life revolved around my eyelids.

Odd isn't it.

But I guess he liked them.

Does everyone do that---claim one of someone else's body parts---or is it just me and mine? I'm convinced that no one will ever love XBFs ears quite like I do. Or Mister Mc's wrists. Or the very first boy I ever loved's chin. Or even stupid old Jacob's back hairline. For each, I can remember how they smelled, looked, tasted, felt. If I were a better poet, I'd write volumes dedicated to them.

As it stands, I'm a much better daydreamer than anything else, and not a day goes by without minutes dedicated to those claimed pieces of skin.

Odd isn't it.

In other news, I go to school with a girl that really hates to let people borrow her stuff. And I mean, I'm not talking random people here, I'm talking about us, her compatriots, the people she eats, laughs, crys, shoots the shit and works with day after day after day. Today I asked her to use her flat iron (which of course, she wasn't using. And like I mentioned, I'm no stranger, we share soda pop and stuff---I don't have cooties, and if I do, the bitch's got 'em by now!) but man, she was loathe to do it. And you could just see that she really felt stuck...she definetely did not want to lend out her flat iron, but no way did she want to look like a WHORE for not letting her friend use it, especially when she knew that her friend knew that she had it with her. There was no lying, cheating or scheming her way out. So she grudgingly let me use it, handing it to me like she really had something to say, some special care instructions, but opted for the quiet, whorish high road instead.