Wednesday, November 24, 2004

A Thanksgiving Prayer... Please Dear Lord grant me patience this holiday. Help me to bite my tongue and only allow pleasant thoughts and comments to escape my lips. Regardless of how much my nerves are tested let me serve as a positive example for my children. Heavenly Father bless me with strength of will and character to get through this trying day with no hard feelings, headaches or pains in the ass. Help me to appreciate the "differentness" of my inlaws and grant me gratitude and thankfullness for my husband and children's sake. And regardless of how cold the food is by the time it is finally served after all the arguements let us all be thankfull for the sustenance provided and the hands that worked to produce it and the family that is able to gather to appreciate it. And most of all, dear God, please help me to get through this holiday, knowing that my father is not here to celebrate it. Each holiday this year is harder than the last knowing that he has left this earth forever, let me find the strength to appreciate what and who I have to celebrate these days with me and my family. Please bless me and my family with a happy, pleasant, peaceful day that we can trully be thankfull for. In Jesus Christ's heavenly name I pray, Amen.